Your Alphie Bear Stories

By Bryn aged 12


Alphie Bear goes to the Doctors 

Alphie bear woke up very excited! The sky was a bright yellow, he could hear the birds in the sky singing loudly and the cars outside driving past. He heard his mum shout “alphie!! Where are you we need to get ready!” alphie raced downstairs but tripped! He tumbled down what felt like one million steps befor hitting his head on a table at the bottom! Alphie screamed “aaaaaaaaaaahhahahahha mum ive hurt myself!!!!!” alphies mum sprinted over and said “oh no!!!! we need to get you to the doctors!” mum put alphie in the car and drove off towards the doctors and fell asleep!


Alphie woke up and saw a bright light above him and felt something cold and hard on his back. He was on a table! Alphie looked up and saw a doctor above him, she had hold of a big needle! Alphie screamed “aaaaah” but didn’t feel anything so he looked around and saw a brightly coloured room with tropical fish wallpaper. He saw his mum in the corner smiling holding a magazine talking to the doctor saying “hows alphie?” “hes fine. Hes being very brave!” alphie sat up and said “what happened?” the doctor replied “you had a little trip but your fine!” the doctor walked towards a cuboard and got out a little box full of toys and stickers she walked back towards alphie. “would you like one?” she asked “yes please alphie said!” alphie diped his hand in andtook out  a little teddy bear. Yay! “this one looks like me!”


Alphie and his said thank you to the doctor and got in the car to go home he said to mum “I love the doctors!” his mum smiled and turned on the car in about 5 minutes alphie fell asleep and didn’t wake up till the morning!



Alphies’ Adventures in the Park


Alphie awoke very excited.  The sun was shining, and he could hear his mum singing in the kitchen and his dad taking a shower.  They were getting ready for a picnic in the park!  He had so wanted to go all week but the weather had been horrid but today it was perfect.  He raced downstairs and jumped on his chair for his breakfast.  He mum laughed seeing his happy little face and once his dad came down they all eat breakfast together with Alphie chatting the whole time.  Once breakfast was over and everyone was ready Alphies mum packed up the picnic bag and they walked to the park.  Alphie couldn’t contain his excitement he wanted to run the whole way but his mum and dad kept telling him to slow down and look before he crossed any road.  It is important that before you cross a road you make sure it is safe.  Finally after what seemed like hours they got to the park.  It was at the bottom of a large field and Alphie was allowed to run on ahead while his parents walked down.

Once he got there he ran over to the climbing frame.  He imagined he was a mountain climber on a big expedition conquering the tallest mountain.  The winds were strong and he struggled to get his footholds as the Mountain was covered in snow and ice.  His hands were freezing and his face had gone numb by the time he got to the top!  He cheered imagining planting a flag on top of the mountain!  He then slid down the slide and raced onto his next adventure.  This time he was in a circus walking the tightrope high up in the big top.  Crowds cheering and oohing and ahhing as he made his way across the small rope!  He stopped in the middle and the crowd held their breath as he tried do to the dip.  Slowly he lowered down and touched the rope and then raised himself up to the sound of the crowd breathing a sigh of relief.  Time flew by and soon it was time for lunch! Jam sandwiches and little cupcakes!  His tummy full he had just enough time go on the swings before it was time to head home!  He had such fun and was tired from all his big adventures!  He slept that night dreaming of all the fun he’d had in the park a small smile across his little face!

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