Welcome to Alphie Kids Club.  We are a club for children affected by Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency.

Here you will find things to do and to join in with. You can sign up to our club and receive your special welcome pack* with some Alphie Bear goodies. You can download our colouring pages and once completed send them to us to add to our gallery. We have a jokes page where once a month we will feature a new joke. Don’t forget to send us your favourite joke so we can include those too! We would love for you to send us picture of your Alphie Bear out and about. If you are going somewhere, whether that is on holiday or just for a fun day out, take a picture of Alphie Bear and send it so us. There is also a story page and many others. We would love for you to be involved and send us anything and everything Alphie Bear related.

We hope you enjoy!






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